Oriental Flower Slots

Oriental Flower takes you on a stunning vacation to a tropical environment with clear blue waters and a beautiful mountain view. The game is about nature's beauty, showcasing attractive oriental symbols, flowers, and women. The slot looks lovely and creates a solid first impression, but looks can be deceiving. That's why we'll give the game a full review below.

Limited Wagering Options and Small Payouts

After looking through the features of this game, we quickly became unimpressed by the offerings. Sure this slot offers 243 ways to win with each spin in a cluster pay system, which ensures you get regular wins, but the prize payouts are small compared to many other slots.

Not only are prizes small, but your wagering options are limited. You can wager as low as $0.20 per spin and as high as $100.00, but you only get a few different bet amounts to choose from. Unless you're fortunate enough to prefer one of the handfuls of wagering options available, you'll probably be playing this game with a wager amount that isn't comfortable for you.

Cross Out the Small Symbols During Free Spins

Like most traditional slot games, finding three plus scatter symbols is what it takes to start the free spins bonus. Unlike most games, during this slot free spins round, all the low-value symbols are banished into another dimension. You'll only see high-value symbols on the reels during this bonus round. That means any wins you unlock will be more valuable, and you're more likely to get huge wins during this bonus round than at any other time while playing this slot game.

A Progressive Jackpot Feature Controls the Huge Bonuses

Some online casinos give out their progressive jackpot bonuses randomly. Not this one. Instead, the slot has a particular bonus round that controls the bonuses. Once you activate this round, you'll be tasked with matching three flowers with the corresponding progressive jackpot. Get three of the same flower, and you trigger the bonus. This is rare and slightly difficult, but you could walk away with any of the four bonuses with enough luck during this bonus round. The bonuses begin at a few thousand dollars and climb up to more than half a million dollars.

Oriental Flower is a nice-looking slot with a few good solid bonus features, but it isn't our favorite game. We wish it had more wagering options, and it could also benefit from larger prize payouts. Even still, there are big wins to be had here, and with enough luck, you could have an excellent experience with this game.