Wilderness Wolves Slots

Wolves have been part of stories and lore for many centuries. There are all kinds of stories about wolves, all sorts of myths and legends that surround these mysterious and beautiful creatures. Wolves are associated with moonlight and mysticism, and you will see all of that on full display with Wilderness Wolves Slots.

Designing a Wolfy World

The background of this game takes you into an arctic world. There is a frozen pond before and a sky full of stars. The Northern Lights are dancing overhead, majestic and lovely, glowing green and soft on the icy-covered evergreen trees. Stars are sparkling in the background and somewhere out there, the wolves are on the prowl.

Looking for Wolves on the Reels

There are five reels on the game board that have three rows each. Many different symbols will appear here, symbols that showcase all the glory and beauty of wolves. You will see wolves silhouetted in moonlight, howling at the sky. You will see close-ups of wolves as well, along with many symbols associated with Native American culture. It's a beautiful design that will keep you engaged.

Designing Your Strategy

The game board has six pay lines where you can match up symbols to make winning combinations. You will always bet on all paylines but you can choose how big or small that bet may be. Go as low as Go as low as $0.20 on every spin, or bet all the way up to $100 every time the reels go around. You choose your risk and how much you might win when you choose your betting strategy.

Howling Like the Wolf

When you see the wolf howling at the moon, that's a good thing. Get enough of these symbols and you will win free spins, which is always pretty exciting because essentially, you can win for free. The free spins will play out immediately, so you can see exactly how much you win from them.

Winning with Wilderness Wolves Slots

Escape into a mythical world full of enchantment with Wilderness Wolves Slots. This is a world full of moonlight and magic and big possibilities, which is exactly what makes it so exciting and thrilling. Place your bet, spin the reels and see if the magic of the moonlight creates a win for you. The beautiful design, the fun gameplay and all the winning possibilities make this a game you shouldn't miss.