Screaming Chillis Slots

Sometimes, it can be fun to experience adding some spiciness to food. You might want to try some really hot hot wings, or add some hot sauce to your bowl of chili. With Screaming Chillis Slots, the fun of experimenting with hot sauce and chilis is part of the theme. The colors, the symbols and the exciting danger of playing around with super hot peppers are all part of the game.

Designing a Hot World

The background of this game tells you everything you need to know. It's all lit up with sparks and heat, full of shades of red and gold and orange and yellow. You will see sparks flying up and rising slowly behind the game board. It sets the tone and the stage for all the action that will play out on the reels.

Searching for the Symbols on the Reels

There are five reels and three rows where the various symbols of the game appear. All of the symbols contribute to the hot pepper theme. You will see the lucky number 7 made out of peppers, along with bottles of hot sauce, delicious tacos that are slathered in hot peppers and yes, the screaming chillis that give the game its name. All the colors are vibrant and bold and pop against the screen and all the images really help bring the theme to life.

Choosing Your Bets

You control how much you wager on each spin of the reels. Risk as little as $0.10 if you like, or go all the way up to $20 on every single spin of the reels. Bigger bets mean bigger wins of course, so you'll want to use your own strategy to decide how much you're going to wage on every one of those spins so you can maximize your winnings.


You will notice something a little different about this slots game: the jackpot. ON the left of the game board where the reels pin, there is a listing of the different jackpots available. The more of the screaming chillis you get, the bigger the jackpot you will win will get. If you get 15 of them, you will an absolutely huge jackpot that's worth half a million dollars. That's so much money, it's hard to realize just how long that is!

Avoiding the Burn with Screaming Chillis Slots

Play around with the fire of hot peppers and hot and spicy food when you lay Screaming Chillis Slots, but avoid getting burned. Make money and have fun with the screaming chillis in this slots game.