Kung Food Panda Slots

Eastern cultures have contributed a lot to Western society. The architecture, the clothing, the martial arts, Asia has given the world a lot. But the thing that most people know about Asian culture is the food. Kung Food Panda Slots honors Asian cultures with a fun, food-centric theme that's full of color and images that many slots plays will recognize.

The World of Kung Food Panda

This game takes you inside an authentic Asian restaurant. You will recognize the architecture and design right away. The walls and decor in the restaurants are red and the lights have a distinctly Asian look. There are gold accents, which beautifully complement the vivid red, and you can see menus full of different food options all along the wall. Step up to the counter to place your order and start spinning the reels.

Looking for the Panda

When the five reels spin around in this game, you will see all sorts of symbols and colors that complete the Asian theme. You will see little steaming baskets of dumplings, a beautiful tea set, fortune cookies, bowls and cartons of food. All of the symbols have beautiful color and detail, and each one looks like a separate piece of art. But when you spin the reels, what you really want to see is the Kung Food Panda.

Kung Food Panda

When the Kung Food Panda appears, he takes up an entire column and the other rows disappear. This gives you more ways to win. Choose your bet on every single spin. You can bet as little as You can bet as little as $0.20 or go up to $100 on every turn of the reels.


This game gives you multiple ways to win money. Not only can you potentially win a lot from the spinning reels, depending on which symbols appear and where they are, you can hit a jackpot at any time. The jackpots are pretty huge, starting at $500 for the mini jackpot. This is the smallest. There are four jackpots that increase in size, all the way up to the grand jackpot of $50,000. That's money that could change a life.

Winning Big with Kung Food Panda Slots

Work up your appetite for a win with Kung Food Panda Slots. The more you play, the better your chances of walking away with the kind of money that could change your life.