Legend of Singing Fan Slots

It’s been long believed that a Japanese fan has the mystical ability to deepen the wealth of its holder. Players who engage in Legend of Singing Fans Slots are likely hoping that belief is true as they spin the reels of this five-reel, ten pay line slot in hopes of making quick cash. Wager Gaming Technology released this game with offerings of bonus features and affordable coin sizes that range from $0.01 to $5.00.

Legend Of Singing Fans Slots Symbols Create Beautiful Art Upon The Slot Reels

The game symbols in Legend of Singing Fans Slots include a dragon, various fans, a female holding a fan, koi fish, a lion, a magpie, the wizard, and poker cards of Ace to Nine. The graphics are beautifully designed, which almost makes them appear like works of art as they fall upon the reels of this bonus slot game. The game does come with a Wild symbol, which is the wizard icon. In online slots, the Wild symbol is quite exciting because it often will sub itself for other symbols. This helps players gain winning combinations where they would have otherwise not had one.

Scatter Symbols Lead To Big Wins In Legend Of Singing Fans Slots

The magpie is one of the more powerful symbols in Legend of the Singing Fans. It’s the game’s Scatter symbol and can come with a 250x multiplier if a player gets five of them on the reels. In addition, the magpie symbol is the secret to activating the free spin feature in Legend of the Singing Fans Slots. The number of free spins given is directly related to how many magpies they land on the reels. They can gain five, 10, or 15 free spins if they land three, four, or five magpies, respectively. Each of the free spins is attached to a multiplier, as well. The five free spins have a 5x multiplier. The ten free spins have a 50x multiplier, and the 15 free spins have a 250x multiplier.

Pebbles Are More Than Just Pebbles In Legend Of Singing Fans Slots Bonus Feature

Another fun bonus features Legend of Singing Fans Slots offers players is the bonus game. This game is triggered if three of the singing fans symbols show up on the screen. Players are taken to a theatre screen, and if when they are at this screen, the magpie symbol shows up, they are further brought to the office of the wizard. Once they are in the wizard’s office, they’ll be given the task of choosing how many pebbles they think it will take for the game to be won. If the player chooses correctly, they will win a lovely prize.