Butterflies II Slots

If you like cheerful soundtracks and positive vibes with your online slot gaming experiences, Butterflies II Slots is the game for you. This five-reel, 25 pay line thrilling slot game from Wager Gaming Technology offers players small coin sizes that start at $0.01 (up to $5.00), a bonus feature, a fun theme, and beautiful graphics. Players get the chance to “shrink” down to the size of a bug and live in the big world of flowers and flying friends. The backdrop is bright and sunny, with green fields and a gorgeous atmosphere.

Simple Game Symbols Keep Things Easy To Understand In Butterflies II Slots

While there aren’t many symbols in Butterflies II Slots, the benefit of that is that players won’t get overwhelmed with more symbols than they can keep up with. Players will get to enjoy symbols that include butterflies, flowers, a house, mushrooms, caterpillars, an Ace, a King, a Jack, the Ten, and the Nine. The graphics are very well done, which keeps the attention of players.

All Paylines Active In Butterflies II Slots

While players are required to play all pay lines on each spin, the coin sizes offered are all-encompassing, making this an affordable way for a slot lover to spend their gaming time. The fact that the game varies in coin size so much makes it an excellent choice for beginning players, as well as more experienced players. The largest payout is 3000x, which also makes Butterflies II Slots quite lucrative if the reels are in your favor.

Butterflies II Slots Bonus Feature Helps Players Win More

When a player lands the house symbol on the first reel, they will trigger the Butterfly Bonus Feature. This feature shows butterflies flying out of the house and landing on random symbols all over the reels. Each symbol they land on automatically becomes a Wild symbol. This means that winning combos will appear where there might not have been before the feature was activated. All in all, Butterflies II Slots is an excellent choice for any online slot player, no matter their experience level or budget requirements. There is excellent winning potential, with players being able to win up to 3000x their original line bet. It’s easy to follow along with and provides a cheerful and fun-loving theme for those who don’t want their slots to be too serious.