Twin Dragons Slots

While fighting against all odds, you want to make sure you're checking into all that they have to offer. This means knowing more about the bets you can put down or the types of wagers you can come against. It could also simply mean knowing more about the theme or even the symbols or bonus games that await you. Whatever the case, make sure to look into the Twin Dragons Slots to find out what awaits you.

The theme of this game is unmistakable. You can expect to find dragons being slain in this delightful game. Not just that, but lords and ladies are also waiting to see you. It has a Chinese Regional feel to it, and even though you are expecting to see dragons, you will see a lot of red and simple symbolism throughout. This might not be a bad thing to play a simple game with a large payout. Check out this 5-reel video slot for yourself.

The Software Maker

Even though the Twin Dragons Slots were made by a company that is less known, Dragon Gaming, the graphics are still top-notch. This is a simple game that has come a long way in recent months and has since taken the world by storm. As a favorite bonus slot for so many, you might just find that the sounds and graphics are something that comes together nicely for you to play.

Placing Your Bets on the Green

When playing any slot machine, you want to place your bets where they can be seen. The betting ranges are from 2 cents all the way up to $9. This is a big amount, and remember, the more money you bet on the table, the more you are able to win back. Bigger payouts come from bigger wagers!

There are ten pay lines, and these come with a max bet of $90, which is a decent amount. Don't worry about being able to win a larger amount back. Keep up the spinning to see where you land thereafter. Play one coin per line and see just how fun winning on the slots can be.

The Symbols to Watch Around the Board

There are a number of symbols that come around the board for you to make use of. You can check out the clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds, and more. These are just the classic card symbols. The themed symbols that are on the board are the wild, firework, vase, pearl, and coins. Bring all of these simple symbols out and around the board, line them upright, and collect your payment!

Bonus Rounds, Come and Get 'em!

There are bonus rounds that come with this 5-reel bonus slot machine. You can find and trigger two different features that are randomly opened when you land on a specific combo of symbols. You can expect the Free Spins Bonus Round that brings even more, spins to the table for you to play with and win some actual cash from. This is just extra cash because it is using your free spins, not cash spins.

The next free bonus game for players is the Spawning Wild Feature. This feature allows the player to get a bit of excitement when they spin the reels again. You can win cash, free spins, or anything else when you land on this bonus round.

Now is the Time to Sign Up for This Awesome Slot Game

If you are ready to take the next step and get more from the slot machine you have been playing, it might be time to switch to this one. You won't have fun until you know more about it and have taken some time to get to know it. Though somewhat new, it is a must on the list of slot machines to try. Check out the online casinos today to find out which ones are offering this and other exciting games from Dragon Gaming. Sign up with them today!