Kanga Cash Slots

Kanga Cash Slots is a very profitable Australian mining themed slot title that is developed by the company Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). The game boasts a total of five reels, and it has 25 pay-lines on which your winning symbol combinations need to be placed. These symbols represent various inhabitants of Australia, and they do a good job of transporting you to this sunny and resource rich country in the far end of the world. In this game, it is up to you to claim some of the valuable Aussie resources for yourself. Start your trip Down Under and make sure that you come home with some extra coins in your pockets.

>The Kangaroo Wild Will Make You Jump out of Joy

The jackpot triggering wild kangaroo is one of the most important symbols in this game. It performs its usual wild duty by acting as a substitute attribute that replaces other symbols in a combination (except for the scatter), but besides that, it also rewards the highest payout. Spin five wilds in a combination and you will joyfully jump around in your room like a kangaroo. The reason being a whopping 10000 credit reward that will then be transferred to your bankroll. And even if you spin just 4 wilds in a combination, then the paid out 1000 credit reward will still be a very lucrative gift.

Trigger a Golden Bonus Feature with the Scatter Icon

The scatter icon is a small shack that most likely belongs to the miner, who is also present on the reels. You need to place at least three shacks on the reels if you want to activate the Gold Panning Feature. This feature is a potential golden ticket, because it takes you to a river in which you need to pan for the precious metal. Find the best golden nuggets to claim the most riches.

Make Great Non-Feature Symbols Wins with Australian Themed Symbols

When it comes to non-feature reel attributes, you are best of when you spin the bearded miner in a five symbol combinations. This is because he will then give you an amazing reward of 5000 credits. The second highest paying non-feature icon is a koala bear. This iconic Australian animal is good for a great prize as well when you make a five symbol combination with it. The reward for doing that is no less than 2500 credits.

The remaining non-feature symbols on the reels are the hat, the bucket and the usual card game filler icons (Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9). The number 10 and 9 are the lowest paying attributes in the slot machine game. Spin them into a five symbol combination and you will still receive the very decent award of 200 credits.

Spending Time Down Under Was Never so Profitable and Fun

Spending time Down Under was never so profitable and fun. Play Kanga Cash Slots today and have a great gambling time with the Aussies and their animals. This slot machine title can be found and enjoyed at virtual casino platforms that host the entertainment creations from Wager Gaming Technology.