Turkey Time Slots

Players can get ready to relax this Thanksgiving with a fun themed online slot game called Turkey Time Slots. This three-reel bonus slot game from Wager Gaming Technology allows players to win big prizes, offers low coin size options (from $0.10 to $5.00), and comes with a bonus feature. The style of Turkey Time Slots is very classic, but there are enough added modern features to keep it from feeling dated. The design is retro, but with added multipliers and bonus games, it is anything but boring. Players can enjoy trying to win the 2,400 coin top prize during this holiday or all year round.

Turkey Time Slots: Simple Yet Exciting

If you’re new to online slots, Turkey Time Slots is a great choice to hone your skills. This slot game is straightforward to understand and navigate. There is only one pay line, so the only meaningful decisions a player must make is how many coins they want to wager upon that one line and the size of those coins. The limit is three coins. Since there is an option to play from one to three coins per spin, there are three different pay tables associated with winning. The more coins you wager and the higher the coin size, the bigger the potential payouts will be. It’s always recommended to play three coins and adjust the coin size at that point to meet your budget.

Get Ready For A Dinner Of Winners: Turkey Time Slots

The symbols in Turkey Time Slots are full of warm autumn colors and fit right with the Thanksgiving theme of the game. Symbols include a pilgrim hat, a pumpkin pie, a turkey, a leaf, and a bar. The game’s Wild symbol is the pilgrim hat, which will double the payout for any combination it’s a part of. If a player lands two of these Wild hat symbols, the winnings for that spin will come with a 4x multiplier. When a turkey symbol is landed, players will trigger the bonus feature. When this happens, a new screen will show up where players will see nine turkeys on the screen, and they will be asked to choose one in order to reveal their prize. The player can choose to accept the amount or select a new turkey to get a more massive prize. The player only has a total of four picks before their bonus time runs out, however. This bonus round is only possible if the player plays the maximum of three coins on the spin.

Gobble Gobble Jackpot: Turkey Time Slots

The game does have a fixed jackpot, as well. It is slightly smaller than some of the other online slot games on the market, however, statistics show that players have a better chance of hitting it more frequently, making it well worth a try.