Gold Rush Slots

Wager Gaming Technology is taking players back to the Wild West in their cowboy-themed Gold Rush Slots game. This three-reel online slot game comes with only one pay line, which puts it nicely right into the classic online slot category of play. The game comes with coin size options of $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $2.00, $10.00, or $25.00, which makes it more ideal for those with moderate or large bankroll budgets for their online gaming adventures. Players will initially need to pick between one and three coins for each spin they play, which makes the maximum bet on one spin limited to $75.

Set Up Your Customized Choices, Sit Back, And Win: Gold Rush Slots

While Gold Rush Slots is clearly a very classic game in design, it does have a few minor updates. One update players will likely be happy to utilize is the “autoplay” feature. This allows players to set their wagering amount and then will enable the game to ultimately play itself. It’s not a very flashy benefit, but it does allow the game to be customized to fit the desires of the player, so it’s worth mentioning.

Classic Symbols Bring Big Wins In Gold Rush Slots

The game symbols for Gold Rush Slots are straightforward, as they often are in various classic games online and in land-based casinos. Symbols include cherries, single bars, double bars, gold nuggets, sevens, and axes. This online slot game does not come with wild symbols, scatter symbols, or other special symbols.

Coin Wagering Is Important Regarding Pay Outs In Gold Rush Slots

If a player is wagering three coins, the lowest payout possible is six coins when they land one gold nugget symbol. If the player lands three cherry symbols, they will win 15 coins. If a player lands bar symbols, they will win between 30 and 60 coins. Three of the seven symbols will pay out 90 coins, and three axe symbols will award the player 150 coins. The big payout comes if a player lands three golden nugget symbols, which will put 6,000 coins in their bank account. Of course, this large pay out is only possible if the player has wagered three coins on the spin. If the player only wagered two coins and three gold nuggets show up, they will only win 1,000 coins.