Bluebeard's Bounty Slots

Set sail on the mighty seas to begin an adventure of finding the pirate’s gold in Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots. This three-reel classic online slot game from Wager Gaming Technology offers players the chance to enjoy a simple online slot without bells and whistles. While the game is without bonus rounds or special symbols, it can pay out massive cash. In fact, it comes with a top jackpot of $45,000, which is incredible, especially given it’s very classic in design.

Wagering To Win Big In Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots

Players will need to make two choices when wagering in Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots. The coin size options are plentiful, allowing for players with any budget to play effectively. Players who like to bet larger will be pleased to know the largest coin size is $25.00, while those with smaller budgets can choose the smallest coin size of $0.10. Other coin size options include $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, and $10.00. After players decide what coin size they would like to utilize, they then must choose whether they would like to play one, two, or three coins per spin. To qualify to win the top pay out, players must be playing the maximum three-coin option on the winning spin.

Pirate Themed Symbols In Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots Fit The Theme Perfectly

Even though Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots is a game that comes without special symbols and bonus features, the graphics are nicely constructed. Players will immediately understand they are in a pirate storyline, and the symbols of the game coincide perfectly. Symbols of Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots include the game logo, a cannon, cherries, a parrot, a skull and crossbones, a sword, the bar symbol, and the seven symbol. The Bluebeard's Bounty logo is the highest paying symbol, and landing three of them will award the player the top jackpot pay out. Also, if the logo shows up on the same line as another winning combo, the prize will be magnified.

Why Choose Classic Slots Over Modern Slots: Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots

With today’s online slot industry producing games that are over the top and highly detailed, some players may wonder why they should revert to playing classic online slots like Bluebeard’s Bounty Slots. The truth is that some players simply like a more straightforward online slot design. They can get overwhelmed with the newer slots. The multitude of symbols and bonus features can be challenging to understand, which can ultimately make playing them less enjoyable.