Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild Slots is a simple, classic slot game that brings an old school fruit machine experience to your online game screen. The slot has only three reels and one payline. On that payline, you are required to place classic and iconic fruit machine icons like the cherries, the bell and the bar symbol.

Besides those well-known symbols, this game also has a 3x wild symbol and a 10x wild symbol. Both of these reel attributes come with big multipliers when they show up on your winline alone or together. These multiplier rewards can put a lot of extra coins in your casino bank account. Give Triple 10x Wild Slots a try if you are in for a casual and uncomplicated spinning experience, and rake in thos profits by making many spins in a short amount of time.

Spin Classic Symbols into Lucrative Combinations

The thing that makes classic slot title games like Triple 10x Wild Slots attractive is the fact that they have a low learning curve due to their simple game setup, and that you can make a lot of wins with them in a short amount of time. The lack of special features gives you the opportunity to spin the reels more often without being distracted.

You can make your wins quick. And in the case of this game, those wins are worth the spins when you place the right symbols on the reels. For example if you spin a combination of two 3x wild icons and one 10x wild logo while you play with three coins, then you can win the highest prize on the paytable, which is a very lucrative 30000 credit reward. Take in account the multiplier rewards that are attached to the 3x wild and the 10x wild symbol, and you will have many great opportunities to grow your casino bankroll significantly.

Some of the other icons that are on the top of the paytable in terms of win values, are the red seven with its top reward of 150 credits, the bell with its top reward of 75 credits, and the stack of bills with its reward of 45 credits. The lowest paying icon on the paytable, which is the cherry, gives away a maximum reward of 26 credits when you spin it three times with a three coin wager. Additionally, you can also win 15 credits when two cherries show up in a 3 coin wager symbol combination, or 6 credits when only one cherry appears in such a combination.

Start Your Classic Spinning Experience Today

Triple 10x Wild Slots is a great game for if you want to have an uncomplicated spinning experience in which you are still able to end up with big profits in your pockets. This is a game from Wager Gaming Technology (WGS), which means you can find it on casino platforms that host the slot machine titles from that brand. Look up such a casino online and start your classic spinning experience today.