Fruit Loot Wild X Slots

Online slot players who like to take their game to a very classic set of reels won’t want to miss the great action in Fruit Loot Wild X. While the reels themselves and the symbols that fill them are decidedly bright and attention-grabbing, the background in which they are set is a fairly typical scene from a land-based casino. However, regardless of whether or not gamers like the graphics, the entertainment value in Fruit Loot Wild X is simply fantastic.

Categorizing the Game

Readers who like to know exactly what type of game they’re betting on before they start wagering have come to the right place. Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is a 3-reel video slot with a bonus round and and a very traditional layout. Gamblers will be excited to see how classic elements come together with modern technology to create an incredibly cool game that feels like it could have easily appeared on the casino gaming scene anywhere from 4 days to 40 years ago.

Fruit Loot’s Theme and Symbols

As we’ve already established, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots takes a conventional approach to both graphics and gameplay even as it embraces the features of a 21st century game. The traditional fruit icons on the reels add to the classic feel of the game; symbols include Cherries, Oranges and Watermelons alongside the single, double and triple BAR icons and Sevens. Unlike many classic-style slots, Fruit Loot Wild X also features a wild symbol; depicted by the Fruit Loot 3X icon and designed to replace almost every other symbol needed to generate a payline win, this little icon brings a lot to the game. Finally, players will find a “Free Games” logo symbol that functions like a scatter icon; used to launch the free spins feature in Fruit Loot Wild X Slots when it appears in triplicate anywhere on the reels, this is one special symbol gamblers will love to see.

Perfect Betting Options for All Players

It’s often harder than it seems to find a game that can literally accommodate the wagering preferences and entertainment budget of nearly every gambler, but Fruit Loot Wild X Slots has somehow managed to do it. Coin sizes in the title begin at a modest $0.01 and reach as high as $10 per line in the game. Players may place up to three coins of the same size on each line in the game; referred to as a bet multiplier, adding additional coins to a wager can make a serious difference when gamblers hit a big or small win on the reels. Regardless of the size selected, we recommend that players wager all three of the coins selected to maximize their winning potential in Fruit Loot Wild X Slots.

RTP, Game Ratings and Mobile Availability

  • The RTP, commonly known as the return-to-player in Fruit Loot Wild X Slots falls somewhere between 95 and 97 percent, and gamblers will find that small wins come frequently in the game. While larger payouts are absolutely possible, players are likely to see several small wins appearing in clumps rather than the occasional, huge payout system that, in our opinion, reduces the entertainment factor of the title.
  • The interesting structure, convenient betting and unanticipated free spins bonus round have come together to create a game that gamblers seem to love. Currently enjoying a popularity rate of 10/10 and receiving positive marks from reviewers, it looks as though a love of Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is here to stay.
  • Today’s gamblers nearly demand that the games they play be available on a wide range of platforms, and those spinning the reels in Fruit Loot Wild X are no different. Users who lead hectic, fast-paced lifestyles will be pleased to learn that this amazing WGS production is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Optimized for mobile play, Fruit Loot Wild X Slots is the perfect choice for a long commute on the train after work or while waiting for that pesky doctor who is running late again.

Paylines and Reading the Paytable

When players are preparing to place their bets in Fruit Loot Wild X, they’ll need to know that the game has 5 paylines; while this may seem small to some gamblers, the fact that they can wager up to three coins on each of those lines improves the potential of the betting structure in the title. Learning about wagering in the game must, of course, be followed up with information on the game’s paytable; found in plain sight directly above the reels and offering useful data that will help gamblers gain a better understanding of the winning potential in Fruit Loot Wild X, the paytable in a slot is only second in importance to the reels themselves. Landing three 3X Fruit Loot symbols will pay out a quick 300 coins and gamers who land themselves three Sevens, three Watermelons or three Oranges can look forward to a tidy 150, 120 or 90-coin payout, respectively. One or two instances of the 3X Fruit Loot icons on an otherwise-winning line will score gamblers an attractive 3x or 9x multiplier on the prize they would see under normal circumstances.

Meeting the Developer and Scoring Demo Play

Fruit Loot Wild X Slots was brought to the reels and the players who love it by WGS, and the thrilling action comes from a company that has been in the business for quite some time; in fact, veteran online casino players may be more familiar with WGS’ original name, Vegas Technology. WGS also has a long history of providing amazing entertainment to U.S. players, who have historically struggled to find high-quality games that can be played legally with the American market. Wondering if there is any way that gamblers can check out the fun in Fruit Loot Wild X without spending their hard-earned money? You’re in luck: There are a wide range of third-party web pages that promote the game and allow for demo play. Gamblers will also find that many WGS-powered casinos allow for free demo play...usually without even having to register an email address. Simply put, punters looking for Fruit Loot Wild X Slots will be able to easily find a demo version of the game if they’re in search of one.

Surprising Action in the Free Spins Round

The fact that a 3-reel game like Fruit Loot Wild X even has a bonus feature is something to get excited about, but gamblers will love scoring huge wins when this free spins feature is triggered and played. To initiate the free games, players must land three “Free Games” logos anywhere on the reels; this combination will award 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier that is applied to all winnings. Even more exciting than a free spins feature that appears with a prize multiplier in the middle of a classic slot is the fact that the round can be retriggered infinitely; with great prizes awarded and multiplied during the first 10 free spins and the chance to see the round start over and over, Fruit Loot Wild X is one slot that players will absolutely want to check out.

Wins in 100 Spins

While we didn’t find a lot of online evidence of big wins to report to our readers, we did conduct a bit of an experiment to better understand the likelihood of payouts in Fruit Loot Wild X Slots. For our purposes, assume that we wagered three coins on all five paylines with a coin size of $0.25. Our initial bankroll was $3,000, and we have broken down 100 spins into four segments of 25 spins each.
  • The first group of spins, numbered 1 to 25, offered eight instances of winning paylines; payouts ranged between 9 and 120 coins with 18 coins being the most frequent size of a win. We triggered the free spins feature once, and 10 free games with a 3x multiplier awarded a paltry 27 coins. Our bankroll, which started at $3,000, finished this first set of spins at $2976.75.
  • The second group of spins, 26 to 50, saw 13 wins and no instances of the bonus round being triggered. Individual wins tended to be a bit larger this time around, ranging between 6 and 240 coins; additionally, several payouts of 27, 45 and 63 coins were awarded. At the end of this set of spins, our bankroll was up to $3,007.50.
  • The third group of spins, numbered 51 to 75, offered extremely small wins that fell between 9 and 27 coins; payouts of 9 coins were by far the most frequently awarded in the set. The free spins bonus round was awarded once again, and the results were much more exciting this time around; while we played just 10 free games with a 3x multiplier and no retriggers, the payout for those games came in at a stunning 1,278 coins. Our bankroll after this group of spins was up to $3,225.75.
  • The fourth and last group of spins, 76 through 100, proved to be the worst paying by a large margin. With just seven payouts ranging from 6 to 18 coins, including three that offered wins of just 12 coins, we suddenly became very grateful for the spectacular bonus round in the third set of games. The final value of our bankroll after 100 spins and a total of 20 free games with a 3x multiplier came in at a respectable $3,153.75. When you’re ready to see what kind of impact Fruit Loot Wild X Slots can do for your bankroll, head to your preferred WGS casino to start wagering, spinning and winning now.