Down the Drain Slots

Down The Drain Slots is a plumbing themed online slot game with charming graphics and many opportunities for players to take home cash. This five-reel bonus video slot from Wager Gaming Technology offers players free spins features, bonus games, a re-spin feature, and low coin size options that range from $0.01 to $5.00. The game is set up as an “All Ways Pay” game, which means there are 243 ways to win!

Down The Drain Slots Symbols Fit Perfectly Into The Plumbing Storyline

Upon starting the reels, players will meet the charming star of Down The Drain Slots, the plumber. They will then follow this friendly plumber through his workday as they see other relevant symbols pop up on the reels. Game symbols include the plumber, a shower, a toilet bowl, a water tap, the game logo, the re-spin logo, the free spins logo, wrenches, the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Jack, the Ten, and the Nine. Down the Drain Slots comes with a Wild symbol that is represented by the game logo and a Scatter symbol that shows up as the re-spin logo. The wrench symbol is the game’s bonus icon.

Pipe Fitters Bonus Round Pays Big In Down The Drain Slots

Like most bonus features in online slot games, the Pipe Fitters Bonus Round in Down the Drain Slots is the best way to win the most cash in this online slot game. When a player lands three wrench symbols on the reels, the Pipe Fitters Bonus game will begin. Players are then asked to fix broken pipes by choosing the correct wrench. When a pipe is fixed, and the leak is stopped, a multiplier will be triggered. When all pipes are repaired, the bonus feature is over.

Free Spins Bring Extra Opportunity In Down The Drain Slots

Another way to get more opportunities to win cash in Down the Drain Slots is by winning free spins. If a player gets three of the free spins logo symbols on the reels, they will be awarded eight free spins. If another free spins logo is landed during a free spin, the player will win an additional free spin. As a particular bonus feature, if a player gets the re-spin logo on reel three, they’ll get a free re-spin. Free spins are always lovely to utilize because they’re a way to win cash without spending a dime!