Crazy Cat Lady Slots

The Crazy Cat Lady Slots is the slot machine that will provide you with the cats you love and want. Being a part of the excitement as a cat lady is only half the fun you’re going to have inside these slots. Don’t worry about a thing when you have your trusted cats behind you every step of the way and with every spin that you make.

Enjoy more about these slots when you know more about them. Find out all that you can when it comes to the 5-reel bonus slot machine that packs a punch for anyone who wants to be a part of the excitement. This slot has you covered.

Who Makes the Cat Lady Slots?

Wager Gaming Technology is who is behind the Cat Lady Slots. They come highly recommended by those who want a slot filled with excitement. WGT is a great company to work with when you want to play the slots and enjoy your time. You can spin to win but know that the cat lady is not going to get the best of you because of the amazing perks that come from this slot machine.

Place Your Bets on the Table

Now is the time to place your bets on the table and learn how to grab some extra cash in your pocket. Using this betting table, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the bets you place or the winnings you can have. There are 100 pay lines that you can play on and place bets on. The higher the bet, the higher the payout is going to be. The coins range in sizes from one cent all the way up to $2 bets that can be placed.

The max bet is $200 per line. You don’t want to worry about not getting a decent amount back, but if you put down the max bet, then you can hit the jackpot to grab the biggest payout that the game has to offer. Play one coin per line or choose to play all the lines with one coin on each, but know you’re getting the best outcome from what they’re offering.

Symbols are a Big Part of the Slots and the Cats

The symbols that you find coming around the board are what you want to pay the most attention to. You want to watch where they land because when you line them up correctly, that is when the payments come in. This slot is themed with the cats and the cat lady and a bit of everything else. That means you can be sure to watch as the cat lady’s symbols come reeling around the board.

There are classic card symbols that you can find coming around the board, such as the Ace, King, Queen, or Jack. You can also find that they have themed symbols for you to make use of. There are cats, free spin cats, the cat lady, and a jackpot cat. The cats and cat lady are the symbols that payout the most. When landed on, you might even get a chance to win the big jackpot of the game.

Bonus Rounds Can Give You More

There are several bonus rounds that you want to check out. You want to get the most out of the slots that you are going to be playing. You will be able to open two different features when you’re working with this slot.

There is the Free Spins Feature that offers a chance to win some free spins. You must land on the free spin cat, and once you do, you’re then awarded a specific number of free spins that the cat will be excited to offer you. Additionally, you can open the Cat-in-the-Box Jackpot that helps you win all of the money that the slot has been gathering for some time. This is the biggest win that you can get and the win you’re going to want to hit.

Sign Up with the Casino Today to Get More

Now is the time to sign up with the casino and take part in all that they have to offer. From the smaller games to the larger tables that you can stand around and put bets down on, you’re a part of the family when you are a part of this casino. Don’t worry about not winning because almost everyone who plays at this slot is a winner.

As a video slot machine, you can expect to find the best graphics to help you keep up. Everyone is playing, now is your chance to take in all the fun! The cats and animals are after you, and now is the chance to grab the animals, the excitement, and more. Spin today and win tomorrow.