Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs Slots is a cute little love themed game that really isn't about bugs at all despite what the title and UI will tell you. It combines something of a Valentine's and wedding look with bright colors that all look like something out of a chocolate box ad and come together well. It's depressing if you're forever alone, but an otherwise well done slot and theme. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with it, mostly wishing that they'd made the reel backgrounds a little more inventive and things of that nature.

If you've got the time and money to spare, you can do worse than to put it into Love Bugs Slots. Skip this review and give it a spin!

Premise of Love Bugs Slots

The premise of Love Bugs Slots is falling in love. Not bugs, despite the background. That's the only real rendition of the bug aspect of the theme, which makes us wonder why they bothered at all. Maybe because Valentine's Day Slots would be too seasonal, and marginally depressing if you were dateless on the day.

It's a slot about what goes into romantic love on the guy's end. We actually don't see much here that would involve girls doing things for guys, but that's what real life is like too, so we're okay with it.

Presentation in Love Bugs Slots

Graphics in Love Bugs Slots are cute and playful. Everything is crisp, clear, colorful, and compelling to look at, which makes your time spent playing all the easier because of how easy they are on the eyes. The colors look like they were compiled with care, and only the background looks a bit off. Everything else looks great, which the copied and pasted floating clouds don't manage to distract from.

Gameplay Mechanics in Love Bugs Slots

Gameplay in Love Bugs Slots is standard. At 5 reels and 20 pay lines, it does not break the mold there, chosing instead to keep things classy in ways we can respect.

Betting here ranges from a penny to $10, making this an accessible slot that anyone can jump into in hopes of winning a lot of money without worrying about necessarily breaking the bank in the process. Max bets cap out at $25-, which tends to be how we rolled when we played it a bunch for our review.

The bonus round has been replaced by a Free Spins feature, which we're fine with. That's what most of them amount to anyway, making the game honest above all else in our book.

Liked About Love Bugs Slots

+ Cute + Nice graphics + Decent colors + Good theme + Thankfully didn't get too much into the bug aspect of the theme + Solid and classic play mechanics + Decent payouts

Disliked About Love Bugs Slots

- Not much bugs for those hoping to see them - Gameplay is not very innovative - Can be a little addicting at times for obvious reasons

Who is Love Bugs Slots For?

This game is suitable for players of all types. In particular, it should appeal to:

* Players new to digital slots and looking for something relatively accessible * Moderate intensity players that have gotten their feet plenty wet in the online slots world and are looking for something a little more involved * Jaded slot vets * People that mostly want to win a bunch of money playing digital slot games * Players looking for slot nostalgia for the similarities and differences this slot has to other games * People more used to normal video games that are looking to get their feet wet in the world of online slots

Who is Love Bugs Slots NOT For?

Although we enjoy this slot, it is not for everybody. In particular, it may not be your cup of tea if this describes you in any fashion:

* Averse to winning money online * Looking for something truly innovative in the genre * You find the theme in any way offputting * People against the graphic depictions of insects

Is Love Bugs Slots Buggy?

In the time we spent playing this game, we did not encounter any bugs, problems, or errors. The same cannot be said for all slots of this genre, so we commend the developers for a job well done on that. We also encountered no issues in processing winnings or payments, and everything ran very smooth just like you would expect across many varied devices in a variety of ecosystems and operating systems.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line on Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs Slots is a fun little gem of a game that you likely wouldn't have thought would be fun, but it is. It pays well and plays well, making this one a quick and easy recommendation on our end. If you've ever been in love, or would like to feel that way, get outside and find a mate. Before you do, however, get rich playing Love Bugs Slots. We promise it'll make all that easier. Both men and women dig money, and it'll increase your odds of finding someone good dramatically.