Jurassic Slots

Did you love to see the dinosaurs come back to life in the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park from Steven Spielberg? Then brace yourself for another thrilling dino adventure when you step into the adventurous world of Jurassic Slots. Once again, the dinosaurs come to life, and this time they do it on the five slot reels from a casino game.

Don't be scared when they take over the screen, because they bring along potential wins that are guaranteed to be just as exciting as being in the presence of ancient dinosaurs. Look this game up at a Wager Gaming Technology (the developer of the game) casino platform, and start to collect your favorite dinosaurs in symbol combinations on the screen. Handsome cash payouts will then be your rewards.

Spin Your Favorite Dinos on the Slot Machine Reels

The non-feature symbols will look very familiar if you are into dinosaurs and Jurassic World. You will come along many favorites while playing this game. Wins can be made with stegosaurus, pterodactyl and triceratops symbols, but you can also make profits with mosquito fossil, jeep and helicopter attributes. The highest paying non-feature icon is, appropriately, the Brachiosaurus with a top reward of no less than 5000 credits. The lowest paying icon in the game is that of a volcano. It hands out a top price of 100 credits if you spin it into a symbol combination of five.

Play More Than Just the Main Slot Machine Game

Do you want to play more than just the main slot machine game? Then it will most likely excite you to read that this game has a special bonus round in store for those who spin its reels. You can hatch this bonus round feature with the help of three egg reel attributes that need to be placed on an activated win-line.

Generate Extra Rewards with the Jungle Scatter Attribute

The image of a jungle with the word "scatter" written on it functions as the scatter icon in the Jurassic Slots casino game. In order to generate a payout with the jungle scatter attribute, you need to place it three times on random reel spots during a spin. When a scatter win is paid out, it will be multiplied by your complete wager amount.

Embrace the Presence of T-Rex on the Slot Reels

Normally, you will probably feel the urge to run away as fast as possible when a T-Rex suddenly appears on the scene. However, the tyrannosaurus rex that shows up in this game is one dino that you will love to see as much as possible. The giant ancient predator functions as the wild icon in this slot machine title, and that means that you can use it as a replacement symbol for all the reel attributes that are not the scatter or bonus symbols. Take full advantage of this useful symbol when it appears, and marvel at the mighty T-Rex.

Jurassic Slots Is a Great Slot Machine Game for Dinosaurs Fans

If you are a big fan of dinosaurs, but also of gambling and playing fun casino games, then you will find a lot of satisfaction in the Wager Gaming Technology slot title Jurassic Slots. This 25 pay-lines and 5 reel virtual slot machine brings many iconic dinosaurs to the game screen, and it is up to you to turn them into symbol combinations so that they can give you handsome payouts. Step into the wondrous Jurassic world of the dinosaurs today, and have many amazing adventures and casino cash rewards.