Big Time Slots

Overall, Big Time Slots Is a grungy and quirky reskin of some other low budget slot games that manages to get away with a lot because of how odd it comes together. Featuring decent jackpots and a high chance of paying out, Big Time Slots takes a source material that really is not all that great and turns it into something oddly endearing, as if GTA was wonkily made and paid you to play it. If you like the idea of heists, Grand Theft Auto, and money coming together in a strange way, you will certainly like Big Time Slots. We enjoyed our time with it, and mostly wish they would have made more productive use of the elements here instead of a simple reskin with a big jackpot.


As you likely wouldn’t expect given the title, the premise of Big Time Slots is basically Grand Theft Auto. The game does not try very hard to hide this, either. Imagine something from there, and in low budget form, it is now here. Cuffs, cars, girls, and merchandise are all readily available, though we are surprised that a boom box was featured alongside a cellphone. Why not have a walkman pictured next to an iPhone?


The graphics in Big Time Slots are low budget Grand Theft Auto. They look a little wonky, but still have a decent feel to them. They colors look like something out of a Bad Boys movie cover, the UI is complete crap, and the charm that comes from combining the two is more endearing than you would think. The choice of objects to match is also a touch odd, as touched on above in this review.

Our main misgiving about this game is the UI, which as stated, does not match or do the rest of it justice.


For better or worse, gameplay in Big Time Slots is about as standard as it gets. At 5 reels and 25 pay lines, nothing here stands out much. You much cars and phones and handcuffs and related counter culture things from the past. The saving grace here are the large jackpots and seemingly high payout rates, which are a welcome addition. Bets range from a penny to $5, also making this on the accessible end of the slot world.

Do not go in expecting innovation or bonus rounds that will wow you, but it is a good time none the less that manages to hold your attention and become addictive.


+ Grand Theft Auto ish look + That equates to looking niceish + Good jackpots


- UI is crap - Reskin - Standard gameplay

Who is this Game For?

This game is suitable for players of all types. In particular, it should appeal to:

* Players new to digital slots and looking for something relatively accessible * Moderate intensity players that have gotten their feet plenty wet in the online slots world and are looking for something a little more involved * Jaded slot vets * People that mostly want to win a bunch of money playing digital slot games * Players looking for slot nostalgia for the similarities and differences this slot has to other games * People more used to normal video games that are looking to get their feet wet in the world of online slots

Who is the Game NOT For?

Although we enjoy this slot, it is not for everybody. In particular, it may not be your cup of tea if this describes you in any fashion:

* Averse to winning money online * Looking for something truly innovative in the genre * You find the theme in any way offputting

Is it Buggy?

In the time we spent playing this game, we did not encounter any bugs, problems, or errors. The same cannot be said for all slots of this genre, so we commend the developers for a job well done on that. We also encountered no issues in processing winnings or payments, and everything ran very smooth just like you would expect across many varied devices in a variety of ecosystems and operating systems. We played it while robbing cars in real life and had no issues.


The bottom line is that Big Time Slots is the Grand Theft Auto slot game you always wanted, minus the budget and a lot of that charm. With high payouts and a quirky sense of art direction, this game stands out despite being essentially a reskin of other low budget games. Pay outs seem to come often and fast, and it keeps things interesting enough to keep you playing. We enjoyed our time with it, but we are also fans of GTA. If that sounds like you, and you find yourself wondering what this game is like, give Big Time Slots right now. You will only be richer for it, and may score enough loot to negate the need to go around stealing cars and boomboxes.

Really, why are there boomboxes here?