Dolphin King Slots

Overall, Dolphin King Slots is a rare game that looks kind of odd and out dated, but still plays like a charm and manages to draw you in despite all of its flaws. Featuring a quirky art style, an odd sense of color and design, and some UI that makes you scratch your head, Dolphin King Slots does not mess around in focusing itself squarely on the gameplay and winning mechanics. This is enough to keep many a player coming back time and again, which we found ourselves doing long into the night hoping to match that king himself. Give it a go and you will likely not be disappointed. If you play long enough, just be careful your skin does not get clammy from looking at all the fish.


We found the premise of Dolphin King Slots to be vaguely related underwater sea things, one of which is a dolphin king. This admittedly is not all that inventive, and the focus of the game thankfully was not all put here. It works well enough to tie everything together, but it is nothing to write home about, and we have admittedly seen better fish themed games pretty much all over the net in various forms.


The graphics in Dolphin King Slots are a mixed bag. On the one hand, the colors look nice, albeit from another era. They look more suited to a Willy Wonka film than a slot game, and do not always match up with one another during the game play. On the other hand, the design elements do stand out in a nice way, some even being oddly photorealistic given how the rest of things look.

The inclusion of suits of playing cards to match works well enough given the coral theme applied to them, which we enjoyed a lot. The colors do not quite match up with the more life like feature on offer, however, making for odd bedfellows when seen together in the way they are depicted so often.


Gameplay in Dolphin King Slots is fairly standard, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It keeps things focused and accessible, and all about winning, not figuring out what the check is going on. With 5 reels and only 9 paylines, it is also easy to follow and keep track of, making for a somewhat zen like underwater experience for those brave enough to delve deep into what it has to offer. Bets range from 5 cents to $5, making it on the lower end, but still high enough to keep many players interested.

The biggest payout you are likely to get is $10k, which is very decent for a game like this. You can also win the Rapid Fire jackpot at any time, unless you are playing a bonus round having to do with the free spins.


+ Nice theme + Decent payout rate + Good jackpots + Gameplay focused + Accessible


- Not innovative - Kinda looks like butt in some ways and great in others

Who is this Game For?

This game is suitable for players of all types. In particular, it should appeal to:

* Fish lovers * Players new to digital slots and looking for something relatively accessible * Moderate intensity players that have gotten their feet plenty wet in the online slots world and are looking for something a little more involved * Jaded slot vets * People that mostly want to win a bunch of money playing digital slot games * Players looking for slot nostalgia for the similarities and differences this slot has to other games * People more used to normal video games that are looking to get their feet wet in the world of online slots

Who is the Game NOT For?

Although we enjoy this slot, it is not for everybody. In particular, it may not be your cup of tea if this describes you in any fashion:

* Vegans * Averse to winning money online * Looking for something truly innovative in the genre * You find the theme in any way offputting

Is it Buggy?

In the time we spent playing this game, we did not encounter any bugs, problems, or errors. The same cannot be said for all slots of this genre, so we commend the developers for a job well done on that. We also encountered no issues in processing winnings or payments, and everything ran very smooth just like you would expect across many varied devices in a variety of ecosystems and operating systems.


The bottom line is that Dolphin King Slots Is a nice game for anyone interested in high payouts, smooth gameplay, and fish. It does not come together in a way you would think given how it looks, but it still plays well and ends up being a lot of fun once you get sucked into it. We recommend it without hesitation, and think anyone interested should give it a spin immediately. We promise you will not end up sea sick.