Haunted Reels Slots

Although it is a time of year when all the creeps come out to play, everyone loves the Halloween celebration. It is the perfect time to dress up in your favorite horror costume and collect lots of candies. Halloween is very popular these days, and not only in the real world but also online. That is why the festivity has also found its way to online casinos. Many slot titles have been created that are built around spooky but entertaining Halloween style themes. Haunted Reels Slots is one of those games that brings creepiness to the casino game screen with its haunted house and witch centered theme. This slot title will give you a spooky but fun spinning experience, and, instead of candies, you can get coins out of it instead.

Wager Gaming Technology Goes the Classic Route

The game is created by slot title developer Wager Gaming Technology (WGS). It gives you a classic reel frame to play with. There are three reels in total, and there is one payline on which the game's symbols need to be placed in order to evoke wins. This gameplay setup makes it a classic slot title. It is the kind of fruit machine you could often see in land based casinos during the old days.

A Classic Slot with Special Features

Classic slots are often easy to understand due to their lack of features and the simple reel setup. Haunted Reel Slots is pretty straightforward game as well, although it does have some feature elements that make it a bit more interesting than the simplest of classic slots. For example, unlike many traditional three reel classic slots, this game has a wild symbol that multiplies your profits by a maximum of four. What's more, this game has even a bonus round that you can play. As much as possible, wager in this game with three coins, because you will then be able to score the highest payouts from symbol combinations that land on the reels and the active payline.

Enjoy Halloween on the Game Screen of Haunted Reels Slots

Are you always looking forward to the creepy but fun atmosphere that a Halloween festivity brings along? Now you don't have to wait a year for this celebration to take place and the creeps to come out, because you can enjoy your dose of horrors on the game screen of Haunted Reels Slots every day. Just simply go to a WGS powered casino platform and see if this slot machine game is available. If it does, give it a few spins to get your dose of creepiness and fun, as well as your share of the profits.