Gems Gala Slots

Everyone imagines what it might be like to live luxuriously. To buy expensive jewelry and clothing items, ride around in limousines and go to ritzy places. You will see gems and jewels and high-class items when you play Gems Gala Slots. This game is full of sparkle, color and ways to win money.

A World of Gems

Everything about this game design is made to look high-end. It's glittering and golden and beautiful, with well-defined images and animations that make everything come to life. You will find yourself standing on a red carpet under a star-filled night sky. There are beams of light and palm trees around you. You are in a world full of sparkling gems and vibrant colors. 

Finding the Gems

You will see many different gems as you spin the five reels. there are three rows on each where the various gems will appear in bold shades of ruby red, sparkling diamond and gleaming sapphire blue. If you see a lot of these symbols, you'll win! 

Choosing Your Bet

You will choose how much to bet before every spin of the reels. The minimum amount you can bet is just $0.25. That's a single quarter. But if you're feeling braver, you might want to take the bet up to $100. You will get the chance to buy those luxury items for yourself that you've always wanted. Bet wisely and you may end up winning a lot of money, enough to have the luxury items you’ve dreamed about.


Speaking of luxury items, there are a few ways that you can win really, really big when you're playing this game. There are four different jackpots that you might hit at any time. The smallest jackpot, the mini, will win you $2,000. But if you hit the grand jackpot, your life and your world will change just like that. The Grand jackpot is worth $500,000.                  

Finding Luxury with Gems Gala Slots

Luxury is everywhere you look in Gems Gala Slots. Play this game long enough and you just might win enough money that you can have the luxury you want in your life, too. Everyone wants luxury items, beautiful jewelry, fancy things. If you win one of the jackpots in this game, you might be able to take a fancy trip or visit a restaurant, buy fancy clothes or do something you’ve always wanted to do.